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Mr. and Mrs. Woerner

The old adage states, “April showers bring May flowers.” However, after the rain and the blossoming flowers, June brings us the busy month of weddings! A wedding is the best way to celebrate the ending of the storms and the beauty of the sunny and warm days ahead. The Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center is so excited about this busy month. As there is much excitement with planning a wedding, there is also much stress. With that, we can definitely help take a lot of the stress from planning your special day. All of us here at the Trade Center invite you to come view our facility and speak with one of our event coordinators. Our slogan is that of “Making History.” So come in today and let us help make a lasting and historic moment happen in your life!

The Johnson-Woerner Wedding was definitely monumental for all of us here at the Trade Center. The hall was adorned with the most elegant decorations. However, the venue was quite minimal in comparison to the main guests of honor, the lovely bride, and handsome groom. Love was most definitely in the air and this beautiful couple is one to admire. Mr. and Mrs. Woerner are a military couple and they definitely exemplify the love and the sacrifices made in every marriage. Based thereon, their strength is definitely expressed in many of their answers below.


What was your overall experience like at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center and what made you chose this venue?

The Trade Center went above and beyond our expectations. The service was amazing! There were so many people available to check on myself and my guests that we always knew they could take care of any requests that came up. The food was spectacular and all of the guests raved about the amazing service at the bar and buffet. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue for our reception!

Which room did you select for your event and why did you make this selection?

We chose North Hall because of the beautiful detail and close proximity to the front entrance. I loved that the exposed brick and concrete floor added an extra special backdrop for all of the decorations we used.

What goals do you and your spouse have for marriage and life together?

My husband is a pilot in the Navy, so we have lots of adventure coming our way! We’ll be moving around quite a bit and going through a lot of changes, so our goal is to stay as connected and supportive of each other as we were on our amazing wedding day.

Describe the uniqueness of your special day and how it was unique to you.

I love glitter and pink, and I think our wedding reflected that. I loved how everything from the lighting and linens matched my personality. My husband’s touch was there too-with the University of Nebraska groom’s cake!

What was the thought in your mind when you first walked into your selected room here at the venue?

Stunning! I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked and how it all came together perfectly-exactly as I had dreamed it would.


Photography by ©  j. leigh Captures

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