A True Love Story Never Ends

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As we near the end of this lovely month of June, we reflect on what all has happened over the past few weeks. This great month has brought us many historic moments and we cannot wait to see what is ahead of us for the next few months!

Anton Chekhov once said, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” No truer words have ever been used in the description of Andrae and Sylvia Boone. We had the honor of hosting this lovely couple’s wedding in our facility just a few days before the start of summer. Starting out as high school sweethearts, Mr. & Mrs. Boone truly exemplify a relationship of absolute love as they have cultivated their relationship into that of great commitment.

On this day, North Hall was adorned with beautiful lively decorations – these decorations were a great example of this couples personality. Yes, the heat of a summers day can be breathtaking; but, when walking into North Hall on the day of their ceremony, the appearance was similar in comparison – although, the happiness of the couple stole the show. Their sunny disposition was brighter than the brightest summer sun!

As you can see, numerous historic moments were made during this month at the Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center! We cannot wait to experience the next stories that are to be added to our historic walls!



Photography by: Amir Leon

Wedding planner: Mrs. Annette Ernest

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What was your overall experience like at the Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center and what made you chose this venue?

I had a wonderful experience at the Trade Center. Everyone there shows great hospitality, it has good vibes throughout the entire building and everyone seems so happy you can feel the good energy they have.  I would recommend anyone to have any event at The Columbus Georgia Convention and Trade Center.

Which room did you select for your event?

The room I had was originally The Foundry due to North Hall being booked. I think I probably called the Trade Center every other month to see if someone had cancelled the room – I wanted the North Hall. In May, a month before our wedding, I call back to the Trade Center. I was advised that the person who reserved the North Hall cancelled and I would be able to get it.  I literally cried tears of joy! GOD knew my heart wanted the North Hall. GOD is Good and He answered prayers.

Describe the menu you selected for your guests!

We had a dinner buffet of Beef Tips/ Gravy, Baked Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Salad and a Roll. The food was absolutely delicious and everyone was pleased with dinner.

What goals do you and your spouse have for marriage and life together?

Our goal is to be together forever, continue to keep God first and keep being great parents to our four beautiful kids we have together. We have been together since high school.

Describe the uniqueness of your special day and how it was unique to you.

My wedding coordinator/ wedding planner/ florist Mrs. Annette Ernest and her team made sure everything was perfect for us. They really are the dream team – my day went by so smooth it felt unreal. Everything was very organized. The atmosphere felt more like a movie. All of our guests have been talking about what a wonderful time they had and how beautiful this wedding was.

When you walked into the room for the ceremony, what were your exact thoughts?

My wedding planner, Mrs. Annette Ernest, revealed the room to me before my guests were able to come in. When I walked into the North Hall, I was speechless at first. This was the perfect wedding that I‘ve always dreamed of – it came true and it was just PERFECT.

Additional information that you would like to include:

If you are looking to have any event, I highly recommend for you to go with the Trade Center.  They are very professional, the food is great, and the staff is nice.



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