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The Jr. Golden Whisk Academy!

Someone once said, “If there’s a whisk, there’s a way.” As another effort of Making History, the Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center is hosting the Jr. Golden Whisk Academy from July 10th – 12th! We cannot wait for these 10 talented junior chefs to grace the doors of our facility. During the time of this course, the student chefs will be trained by our professional and vastly experienced culinary chefs here at the Trade Center, Chef Chris and Chef D. The skills that they will amass are:

  • Safety: Every skilled chef knows the importance and value of following safety rules while in their kitchen!
  • Presentation: Because food is so much more than the taste! First impressions mean everything!
  • Customer Service: Even if you have the most flavorful and savory dishes to offer, the utter happiness of the customer is always the key to their return!
  • Teamwork: The value of teamwork/group work skills is invaluable to bringing success to the table!

Not only will they be cooking up skills that will be a major benefit to their technique; but, they will also learn how cooking can apply to life in general.

This is definitely a historic event that you want to follow! Check back in soon to see what happens! But, for now…

Meet the Chefs:

Executive Chef Christopher Walters

Originally from England, Chef Chris is a highly respected chef within his field. He is not only seasoned; but, his attitude is definitely that of positivity and it will definitely be influential among the young and learning chefs. His involvement has definitely been noted in events such as Superbowl 48 and Wimbledon. In addition, he has worked with numerous hotels within the United States, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Trump Plaza, The Georgia Dome, Turner Field, etc. He previously worked at the Georgia World Congress Center for many years executing $20 million in annual F&B sales. Chef Walters is well respected within Spectra as well. He participates in several projects with our VP of Culinary and is currently mentoring 2 new chefs for our company. He has been here since November of 2015.

Executive Sous Chef Danard Daniels

Chef Danard has also executed high volume and VIP events. His most recent position was with Georgia State in Atlanta. As a former member of the Navy, Chef D is the nuts and bolts of our operation. He is an amazing production and prep manager. Chef D has been with us since June of 2016.



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