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Dayna_1December holidays have passed, Valentine’s Day is complete, and the start of Spring is just around the corner. Love is in the air and an engagement may have taken place in your life. The question was asked, you said yes, and now the planning begins. At the Columbus, Georgia Convention and Trade Center we know that choosing your venue may be one of the most difficult decisions. We want to take that pressure away and allow you to have a glimpse to what an Iron Works Wedding is all about. This blog will feature past and future brides and how their wedding was made easy when they chose to “make history” at the Trade Center.

Our first bride is going to be a flashback to November 2014 when Dayna Burke married her dream man, Bobby Greer. We had an interview with Dayna to learn more about her experience when having an Iron Works Wedding.

Dayna what made you choose the Trade Center as your venue choice?

I had attended several wedding receptions there in the past but not an actual ceremony. So at first, I was just considering having my reception there. The more I thought about it, the idea of having my ceremony and reception in the same venue, the more I liked that idea. No one would have to travel from another location to the reception, we would only have to decorate one venue, and maybe it would even be more cost effective. Then one afternoon, we visited the North Hall of the Trade Center and I was reminded of the beauty of that room. Standing there in that empty room, I made up my mind that I wanted to have both my ceremony and reception in the North Hall. The staff and director were more than willing to help make that work too. There would need to be some major logistics planned out to transition from the ceremony to the reception. The room was pretty as it was, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine how beautiful it would be once we added some decorations. Turns out that decision was the right one—our wedding night in the North Hall was so beautiful and fit the mood just right!

How would you describe your wedding theme/style?

Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m extremely indecisive. The thought of planning a wedding from scratch scared me to death, so I enlisted the help of my mom and her two best friends (who were once professional wedding decorators/caterers). I was able to show them things I liked such as certain colors, flowers, ideas and they put it all together which turned into a semi-formal and romantic theme.
My ceremony was at 5:30, and it was winter time as well, so we kept it very intimate by dimming the overhead lighting and showcasing the gorgeous light canopy (provided by RSL Theatrical Lighting). We also had floating candles in vases on each table, which created a perfect ambiance. Our color scheme was gold, black, and white. As I mentioned before, the room itself was so striking that only minimal decorations were needed to achieve the look we were going for.

What was the menu option for your guests?

The catering team prepared a delicious dinner buffet that included lemon pepper baked chicken breast, beef burgundy, whipped Yukon gold potatoes, rice pilaf, honey glazed carrots, whole green beans, and delicious melt in your mouth buttered rolls.

It has been two years now, what do you remember most about your wedding at the Trade Center?
I remember how laid back I was that day, which was a shock for me. I completely trusted my wedding coordinator and the staff of the Trade Center to pull off a spectacular night. I had people tell me for weeks after my wedding how much they enjoyed it, how beautiful the room looked, and how great the food was. People even told us they could feel the love in the room!

What is the best part of being married?

The best part about being married is having your best friend by your side no matter what. Bobby and I met and were engaged within six months. I knew from the time I met him that I didn’t want to go another day without him by my side. We have had a blissful 2 years of marriage and have even welcomed our first child, Gavin, into the world. He’ll be one year old in March and he is our world!

Any additional information you want to include?

If you or someone you know is considering using the Columbus Trade Center for either your ceremony, reception, or both, I would highly recommend it. We used the North Hall, which was personally my favorite room, but there are also several other rooms at the Trade Center that are stunning. You can rest easy knowing that the staff will always be helpful, the food will be delicious, and that you’ll have that perfect wedding day/night as you have always pictured it.


Photo Credit: Crouch N Crase Photography

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