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Jr. Golden Whisk Academy

Julia Childs once said, “Learn how to cook – – try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun.” The Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center hosted the first annual Jr. Golden Whisk Academy this week. With this event, our professional and experienced chefs, Chef Chris and Chef D, had such a great time teaching useful and unique skills to 10 junior chefs! These skills include Safety: Every skilled chef knows the importance and value of following safety rules while in their kitchen; Presentation: Because food is so much more than the taste! First impressions mean everything; Customer Service: Even if you have the most flavorful and savory dishes to offer, the utter happiness of the customer is always the key to their return; and Teamwork: The value of teamwork/group work skills is invaluable to bringing success to the table!

These Junior Chefs definitely have a bright future ahead of them and we cannot wait to see how they use these acquired skills in the future. The words of Julia Childs are so very true! In addition to the culinary skills, these students were trained on the stance of cooking being a life lesson. Essentially, when you try a new recipe (or venture in life) sometimes it will not work out at first – the dish will be too salty, they chicken too dry, or even the cake has a wet spot in the middle. But, when you keep on trying and attempting to bring it to perfection, at some point, the recipe becomes second nature and reaches the success you wanted for it.

The Jr. Golden Whisk Academy was a major signature and inaugural event for the Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center. This was yet another step in the right direction in our efforts to Make History!



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