Iron Works Strong // Charlotte & Mark

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“To be your friend was all I ever wanted. To be your lover was all I ever dreamed.”

Charlotte and Mark met on Valentine’s Day at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, ironically, while they both attended Columbus State University. A friendship and 11 days of dating turned quickly into “Will you marry me?” They wed on July 14, 2012. “After a long engagement, a beautiful wedding and for the better part of a decade later, our relationship is still ‘Iron Works Strong’.”

Charlotte and Mark chose a twofold wedding. Modern elegance was their first theme. “Both of us tend to be rather formal in how we dress and how we carry ourselves and it was fitting to have a wedding with a black and white color scheme with red roses.” While their wedding was elegant, they tied their love for video games in with a charmingly nerdy theme as well. “We had a Legend of Zelda groom’s cake, I walked down to the Great Fairy’s Theme from the Legend of Zelda in lieu of the bridal march, and our first dance song was ‘Simple and Clean’ from Kingdom Hearts.”

Every bride has that “moment.” That moment of awe, vulnerability, anxiety, nervousness, excitement, and love. “My favorite moment was when my husband turned around to look at me for the first time that evening. My heart turned as warm and sweet as a latte with a frothy heart design on top.”


Photographer| Donny Kent

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