2018 Jr. Golden Whisk Academy

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Junior Chefs Share Kitchen with Pros

On July 14th-16th the Columbus, Ga Convention &  Trade Center was honored to host the 2nd Annual Jr. Golden Whisk Academy. 13 participants were chosen to take part in this year’s event. They were split into two groups under Executive Chef Christopher Walters and Chef de Cuisine Hope Mathews.

At the end of the free three-day program, the young chefs used their new skills to cook a meal for their special guests. The event was a valuable experience for talented chefs to foster young talent.

The Chefs first gave them a tour of the kitchen before starting the lessons for the day. Chef Chris began with a knife-work lesson. While the junior chefs took notes, Chef Chris spoke about different parts of the chicken and how to properly cut and prepare it. This group also learned other knife skills and began to cut vegetables and roll meatballs. Chef Hope took another group to work on making the dessert for the day–Oreo truffles. She explained the process before letting the young chefs start hand rolling the truffles. After a morning of cooking, the chefs’ afternoon lesson was about etiquette. In Day 2, the young chefs focused on preparing garlic bread and rolling meatballs in one group. The other group practiced their plate presentation skills by practicing icing designs on their own plates. On Day 3, the final day, the junior chefs were ready to present what they learned. In a lunch of chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and more with special guests of the junior chefs, the young chefs finished their learning with a celebration. Each chef received their Jr. Golden Whisk Academy certification upon graduation.

Congrats to the Jr. Whisk Academy Class of 2018!

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