Happily Ever After // Ashley & Jordan

“Well, God had different plans for us!”


“We first met at Magnolia Manor nursing home here in Columbus. We were both students in the CSU servant leadership program during our undergraduate years and had both chosen Magnolia Manor as our place to serve the community. We were simply friends all during that time and it wasn’t until we had completely gone separate ways to pursue our careers in medicine that we reunited and started dating. Jordan one day contacted me and asked if I would attend ‘Doctor Prom’ (a formal for the medical students at the Medical College of Georgia) just as friends because we both knew we were too busy for a relationship at that time. Well, God had different plans for us! The night was the best night either of us had had in a long time and we’ve been together ever since!”

The North and Center Hall was transformed into a sweet and very romantic venue for Ashley and Jordan’s special day. From the elegant rose petals that lingered the aisle space to the breathtaking ceiling decor, the Center Hall couldn’t have been more perfect. As the beautiful bride and groom now, husband and wife entered their reception space the elegance of Center Hall met the beauty of the North Hall.

“The ceremony was followed by a night of food, drinks, photo booths and most importantly dancing in the North Hall. Our wedding party even performed a surprise Harlem Shake right after dinner to get the party started! Guests also helped write ‘prescriptions for a happy marriage’ during dinner for a unique twist to a guest book which helped tie in our medical careers and one of our biggest shared interests to our wedding day. We ended the night in a sea of bubbles as we exited the venue!”

“My favorite moment from my wedding (how do you choose just one?!) was when I was getting ready with my bridesmaids and I took my wedding shoes out of the box to wear for the day. To my surprise, my soon to be husband had written the sweetest note to me on the bottom of my wedding shoes without my knowledge. This will forever hold a special place in my heart and is a memory from our wedding day that I will forever cherish.” It has now been two (almost three years in June) since this beautiful couple was pronounced husband and wife.

All we can say is that fairy tales do come true and Ashley & Jordan is truly living out their happily ever after!